Nepal’s first skatepark in Lakeside, Pokhara (Photo: Tom Caron-Delion)

Skate Nepal is a recent non-profit organisation based in London, England. Our aim is to spread awareness for the social, creative and cultural benefits of skateboarding to both the younger and older generations of Nepal.

Europe, North America and in much of the western world skateboarding has integrated itself as part of the culture, thriving in big urban environments in the world’s major cities. Skateboarding is still at its infancy in Nepal. However, there is a thriving scene of skateboarders in towns such as Chitwan, Pokhara and Kathmandu. Skateboarding receives absolutely no support from the government.

The Annapurna mountain range of the Himalayas – The Backdrop for the Annapurna skatepark (Photo: Tom Caron-Delion)

Thanks to all of you that donated and supported to our past project The Annapurna skatepark project was a complete success thanks to the combined efforts of Skate Nepal, Make Life Skate Life, The Community Collective and Alis. Nepal now has a world class skatepark situated at the base town of the Himalayas, in the town of Pokhara.


Pokhara now has a world class skatepark for the youth to unleash their creativity. The act of skateboarding has many benefits for social change and empowerment particularly amongst the younger generations. It encourages development of skills on a vast spectrum of different aspects be it social, physical and mental. In this regard skateboarding is a very positive force for the youth.


The construction of the Annapurna now means that the skateboarding community can grow and flourish. Upon its completion in April 2017, numbers of people from various different ages participating in skateboarding has skyrocketed at rate never seen before. The skatepark is of competition standard, which means that the park can be considered for holding world class competitions which will attract many visitors to Nepal. The facility is also good enough that skateboarders of Nepal can reach a level of skateboarding high enough to eventually compete in competitions around Asia and the rest of the world.

Since inception our main goal was to build a proper skateboard facility in Nepal, now that this has been done we are making plans for the future and a new project will be announced in the near future. Stay tuned!